How it Works (Gas for Life)

Claim Gas For LifeTM

Win Gas for Life and other exciting prizes to help you save at the gas pump. Just follow these easy steps…

  • 1

    Claim Gas For Life™ for your chance to win a lifetime supply of fuel by simply visiting us, fully enrolling as a free member, opt into our mail, use the free checkout, printing and saving the voucher for safe keeping.

  • 2

    Increase your chances to win plus collect $10 of CommunityCash each time you use the free member online tools by inviting your online friends and family. If one of them wins gas for life, then you do too.

  • 3

    Save your CommunityCash and be the first in your city to accumulate $10,000. You win Gas for a Year plus enter the grand prize drawing, or use your Community Cash on future discount local deals. Save by claiming free $10 and $25 Community Cash VISA Fuel Branded cards by using our free checkout system.

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